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Cart before the horse

Most Leica owners have started with modest camera and lens combinations and researched their initial acquisitions with care. Leica glass is renowned for maintaining or even increasing in value which is reassuring when parting with your hard earned cash, it also makes for an upgrade path that is not too painful. It was the initial cost that led me to make my first lens acquisition from a well known auction site and as you may have detected by the date of this post it was also well before the release date of the Leica M.

Buying a lens in this way Carries a risk but I figured that I could always send my newly acquired lens to Leica Germany to have a CLA (Clean Lube Adjust). I took a risk and it turned out that the lens had a small speck of dust on one of the internal elements. I will not know the impact of this on my images until the camera body arrives and I can test it. I have spoken with Leica UK based in Mayfair London and the very helpful technician there is of the opinion that it is unlikely to have any impact, I guess I will just have to wait and see.